How to connect

Once you have configured your device to work on your broadband network you will need to connect it each time you want to use the VPN. Once you are connected you should remain connected until you either disconnect manually or restart the device. Each Operating System connects in a slightly different way, but the principal is the same for them all. The basic principal is that you must:

Operating Specific instructions follow below: ( Windows, Mac, Linux)


You need to connect the UWS-VPN connection. If you have run the setup tool, there will be a UWS-VPN icon on your desktop as seen in the image below:

You need to double click the UWS-VPN icon to bring up a dialog box that will ask for your username and password, as seen in the image below:

Enter the username and password that was sent to you via email when you registered.

Username:Students use your 6 digit student number (123456). Staff use your staff username (engabcd).
Password:Your password will be specified in the registration email.
If you use vista you may have a domain field. Leave the domain field blank.

Once you are successfully connected you will have two connection icons in your task bar, as seen below:
The first icon from the left is the UWS-VPN icon and the second icon is the wireless icon.

To manually disconnect you will need to right click on the uws-vpn icon in the task bar and then select disconnect, as can be seen in the image below:


You now need to connect the uws-vpn (PPTP VPN) connection as seen in the image below:

Once you have connected you should see a connection icon and timer in the task bar as seen in the image below:

To disconnect you need to click on the uws-vpn connection icon in the task bar and select Disconnect.


Once you are connected to your broadband network you then need to ensure that you connect the pptpconfig client. On some distributions this may be called NetworkManager and may appear differently. It is important that you set the PPTP VPN connection you will have created as part of the instructions to connect.