iOS (iPhone/iPad) Instructions

How to connect an Apple iPhone or iPad to the University network while off campus

The Off campus remote access is needed if you require to have a university network address while off campus. You need to have a internet connection with the PPTP (1723) port open to allow a VPN connection to the campus server. Most home Broadband connections such as NTL, BT and AOL will have the port open as default, only companies and other academic institutions may not.

1. Start from the home screen.
2. Go to General.
3. Then proceed to VPN.
4. Tap on Add VPN Configuration...
5. Tap on Type.
6. Select PPTP by tapping on it.
7. Description is the name of the connection, can be any as you like, we recommend StrongVPN.
8. The server will typically be or for staff
9. Your username is your University email address.

You can then connec the VPN as required from teh General section.